Indoor garden wall plants

Indoor garden wall plants

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  • Vertical Gardens Are the Perfect Small Space Solution for Plant Lovers
  • Preserved Indoor Wall Gardens Advantages
  • 12 vertical garden ideas to inspire your own green wall
  • Indoor living plant wall, easy and impressive
  • Top-10 ornamental plants for vertical garden
  • Green wall
  • How to Choose Plants for Living Walls
  • Indoor/Outdoor Garden Wall Grid
  • Plants for a living wall
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Vertical Gardens Are the Perfect Small Space Solution for Plant Lovers

Sempergreen has a strong focus on quality. It is essential to choose the plant species carefully for a thriving and lasting green wall. With its extensive plant knowledge, Sempergreen selects only the strongest perennial species for its SemperGreenwall systems.

Sempergreen supplies a number of standard ranges which have undergone extensive testing. Our indoor green walls use a selection of indoor plants and ferns. You can rest assured that your green wall will remain truly green and beautiful.

Browse our large collection to choose the plants that best suit your interior design. Sempergreen uses extremely strong outdoor plants for its outdoor green facades. These plants—including shrubs, perennials and ferns—are carefully selected after undergoing extensive testing in various climate conditions. Whether your project is located in the northern hemisphere, the Middle East or Australia , Sempergreen has a specific plant selection for each climate zone.

Our SemperGreenwall specialists are happy to advise you on the right plants for your project. In addition to climate conditions, the green facade orientation and whether it is in the sun, partial shade or full shade are also taken into account.

All plant species in our range are strong, hardy and highly resistant to diseases and pests. For indoor living walls, we match the plant selection to the maximum amount of daylight in the room.

If there is insufficient lighting available for an indoor green wall, Sempergreen will advise on any necessary lighting. For a lasting green and beautiful result, your SemperGreenwall project requires periodic maintenance. Sempergreen offers maintenance contracts for every situation, guaranteeing that your project maintains a healthy, green appearance all year round.

Are you looking for a green wall system tailored exactly to your specifications? No problem. Anything is possible! Our experts will work with you to find the best solution for your project. Patterns and logos are also possible. After plant selection, the Flexipanels for the custom SemperGreenwall are pre-cultivated in our own greenhouse with the plants in the pattern of your choice, ensuring a green result immediately upon delivery. Request a quote. More information. Ask a question Request a quote.

Careful plant selection for all conditions. Indoor plant selection. An extensive selection of indoor plants Plants for all light conditions Wide colour variety. Outdoor plant selection. An extensive selection of outdoor plants Plants for all climate zones and light conditions Wide colour variety. Lasting green result. More about maintenance. Anything is possible. Contact us. Download technical information Ask a question Request a quote.

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Preserved Indoor Wall Gardens Advantages

Green walls also known as plant walls, living walls or vertical gardens have become a rising new trend of built environments in recent years. Incorporating living nature into urban environments not only looks much more inviting, but also has a number of other benefits and purposes. Whether indoors or outdoors, free-standing or wall-attached, there is a suitable green wall for almost any circumstance. But how exactly are green walls made, and how to differentiate between the various different types? Green walls are vertical structures that have different types of plants or other greenery attached to them.

Green or living walls also called vertical gardens are aesthetically pleasing, wall system and shop our curated selection of indoor and outdoors plants!

12 vertical garden ideas to inspire your own green wall

Advances in Landscape Architecture. Green Wall with the another name Vertical Garden is the term of used to refer to all form of vegetaded wall surfaces Gren roof organizationGreen walls are not only spectacularly beautiful, but also helpful in enlivening the ambiance. Green walls can absorb heated gas in the air, lower both indoor and outdoor temperature, providing a healthier indoor air quality as well as a more beautiful space YehThey holds or slows rainwater, providing food and shelter for wildlife Thompson and SorvigAs already mentioned, some plants are able to grow on walls by taking root in the substance of the wall itself. Typical of these are the small herbaceous species such as ivy-leaved toadflax, wallflower and plants such as mosses, lichens and grasses.

Indoor living plant wall, easy and impressive

Greenwall Australia co-founder James Martin has given his own home a green tapestry without the footprint, using the Skale Greenwall system. The west-facing wall gets the full force of the afternoon sun where only the toughest plants survive. Mature drought- and sun-tolerant succulents rhipsalis, sedum and three different species of crassula were planted to create a non-linear living wall. A bungalow tucked high up in Laurel Canyon overlooking downtown Los Angeles featured an exposed deck that was unpleasant for sitting. In such a hot and dry position, succulents were the only answer so the team at Greenwall Australia used euphorbia, echeveria, senecio, crassula and aeonium.

Adding a living wall to your home, condo or apartment is like hanging a frame of living art on the wall plus it improves the air quality and acoustics of the space.

Top-10 ornamental plants for vertical garden

A vertical garden is nothing else than simply plants planted vertically. A modern living room is not the only place one can design a plant wall. Apart from the fact that they look beautiful, they also positively affect the health and well-being of those who live in such buildings. Many people appreciate vertical gardens for their aesthetics. Depending on what wall plants you use, you can also expect thorough air purification.

Green wall

You can grow indoor gardens in a myriad of ways, such as on your windowsill or even vertically on a wall. You may have seen pictures of these vertical gardens in interior decorating magazines, which has you wondering, could you grow one yourself? How exactly does an indoor vertical garden even work? We did a lot of research to provide you the answer. What is an indoor vertical garden?

Plant Selection. For interior living walls that have access to natural and artificial light, there are numerous possibilities for your vertical garden which.

How to Choose Plants for Living Walls

Contact Us. An indoor living wall is an array of live plants that are planted vertically and grown against a wall using several types of green wall systems. Living walls can also be referred to as green walls, vertical gardens, live walls, or vertical plantings.

Indoor/Outdoor Garden Wall Grid

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Our team has more than 12 years of combined experience in the preserved green wall industry. We know how important it is for you and your clients to feel confident in a green wall feature application, this is why we use only the latest technology in the plant preservation industry. Having access to the leading providers of preserved plants, Naturalist USA guarantees all installations for 5 years! We help you bring the sought-after biophilic design to life while eliminating the use of resources and hassle of living walls. From Horizontal and vertical installations to ceiling applications, including flexible backing for curved wall designs custom shapes and custom green logos. Our Wall Gardens designers, technicians, and specialists work with a wide range of commercial clients, from corporate offices, hotels, coworking spaces, agencies, banks, and restaurants to cafes, small offices, and retail stores clients.

Your investment deserves something special that leaves visitors with a powerful impression of who you are.

Plants for a living wall

Call us. Email us. Biophilic design is the answer to the needs of present-day humans. We are introducing nature into offices, supported by the 4Nature System technology. Green walls - in other words: vertical gardens - are extensive vertical plant compositions planted over special wall-mounted constructions.

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The patented LivePanel Indoor system is a unique and innovative living wall system in the world of vertical greenery. These green walls, filled with real plants, are increasing in popularity, contributing to the environment and creating a healthy indoor climate. The LivePanel Indoor system transforms bare walls into warm vibrant displays, instantly.


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